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So Many Degrees with So Few Jobs

Graduate Jobs Clients Sales Training Executive AboutThe problem with finding graduate jobs these days is finding a job where you can enjoy the fruits of your academic labor. While many of us gained a bachelor’s degree in psychology, there is not that much of a demand for councilors or therapists without a PhD. The same can be said for law students who, while they pursued a master’s degree in law, are confronted with the rude reality of a field that is completely saturated with lawyers which has become increasingly competitive in nature due to the high number of lawyers and the low ratio of jobs in comparison. It is a market in which we have to consider carefully the degree that we will pursue if we plan on finding any sort of financial return on the investment in our higher education. The costs to attend university are climbing every year and there looks to be no relief in sight for many students. Despite these rising costs, there is very little in the way of economic balance as the pay rate has not risen to match.

Creating Your Presence on the Web

Whether you’re a blogger, a hobbyist or a business looking to establish their presence on the web you must learn how to utilize the art of web design. Oh, those words are the proper choice to describe designing a web site. It is very much an art form but one that must utilize the capability of usefulness and functionality as well as design and art itself. It must be an attractive site that serves as a functional interface that will allow visitors to easily browse the site itself. There is much that goes into designing a website and while there are many options and companies for you to choose between that can create you a unique site for a unique experience, there are other companies that can provide template websites that are easily customizable.

A K-12 Online School: The Right Choice For You and Your Child?

Deciding on whether or not to have your child go to school online is a hard enough choice, and now you find that there are so many online schools to choose from for grades K-12!  When deciding on a school that is right for your child, there are a number of considerations to take in.  This article will outline some of the general things you should be looking for when deciding on online schools.

When researching online schools for your child, one strong area of focus should be on class size.  One of the reasons many parents choose to have their child receive their education through online classes is with the hopes that the child will get more focused teaching, so you don’t want to find that you’ve enrolled your child in an online class with double the amount of students than in the public school in your area.

Another area of research should be, does this school offer classes through grades Kindergarten through 12th, or is it more geared towards primary school, middle school, or high school?  This is more of a personal preference area, but one that you should strongly consider.  Maybe you want to enroll your child in a school that primarily deals with specific grades, rather than offering classes in the whole range.  Maybe you do not want to have to go through the research of finding another school once your child reaches certain grade levels.  This option is up to you.  There is nothing to say that a school that offers online education for all the grades is not as good as one that only offers classes for grades K-4.

Costs should also be a strong decision making point.  There are many options out there for public and for private schooling, and you should remember that paying more money doesn’t necessarily mean a better education.  Look at what your money is going for; if personal care and one on one time are very important to you, and you have found a private school that offers just that, then by all means, you should pay for what’s important to you and your child.  Just don’t be fooled by a high sticker price on an online school, they may not always be able to deliver what they promise.

You should also check on the academic program that they offer.  Make sure that the classes they provide are challenging your child enough.  Also, it is extremely important to ensure that the classes your child will be taking will get them to the level that is the same or higher than those in the same classes in public school.  It would be an awful prospect to have your child complete grades K-12 online, only to find out when they get to college that they are completely unprepared for the educational requirements there.

More and more parents are choosing an online school for their child, which means there are now more and more online schools to choose from.  If you take the time to outline what important qualities you are looking for in an online school, it will make your decision making process that much easier, and you will ensure that your child will get the best education possible!

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